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  • What services do you provide?
    Partyland Sajawat, aka PS Decor Studio, is an Event Decor Company that customizes your occasion from top to bottom. We specialize in the production of your event. We can provide everything and anything but not limited to Full Room Draping, Floral and Non-Floral Centerpieces, Wedding Stage Decor, Aisle Decor, Reception Stage Decor, Ceiling Decor, Entrance Decor, Pre Wedding Decor (Pithi, Garba, Sangeet, Puja, Mehndi, Grashanti, Jago, etc.), Large Theme Props, Table Linens, Staging, Tents, Food Stalls, Food Trucks, Food Carts, Umbrellas, Event Runways, and Speciality furniture such as Mirror Tables, Lounge Furniture, and Luxury Event Dining Chairs. We also consult on things such as your Floor Plans, Full Room Lighting, Digital Lighting Production, Dancefloor Decals, or Lit Dancefloors, Full Room Carpeting, Table Numbers, Menu Cards, All Printed Material, and anything you can imagine. ​ Our decor team consists of exemplary professionals with knowledge and certifications in Flowers (florist), Wood (carpenter), and Metal (metalsmith), Graphic Design etc. We also have laser cutters and acrylic cutters, and a welding machine in-house. As well as fabricators in India and other parts of the world. We can build anything you can imagine. We want to create completely custom decor for you based on your location, budget, design style, and the number of guests you have coming!
  • What is the process for booking?
    Step 1- Call us for more Information and Subsequently Make an Appointment or You can Fill out Our Questionaire Below and Make an Appointment via Email. Step 2 - Prepare for Your Appointment by having at least six images per event with you to show us. It is always better to email us these images before the appointment so we can prepare for our meeting ahead of time. Step 3 - Come in person or Zoom in for your initial appointment. Step 4 - If we are your decorators, let us know and make a verbal or written commitment. Step 5 - We will then send you a customized contract based on our meeting. We will keep an open mind and make changes until we are happy with our final decor plan (finalized at least one month before the wedding) Step 6 = We make it official by your booking, and you become a member of the Partyland Sajawat Family.
  • Where do we meet for our meeting?
    We meet at our studio/showroom. The showroom has a few designs setup and ready to see! We also have most of our decor items are tucked away in warehouses some which are near by.
  • Do we get to go to your warehouses?
    Yes, normally we take you to check out the scale of our business after you book unless you really want to see how we work beforehand. If that is the case we ask you to come in for a meeting on a weekday between the hours of 12-5 so we can show your around with our managers in place.
  • Do you do take meetings over Zoom?
    Yes! We have recently started doing Zoom meetings. They are very successful if we follow the steps below. Step 1 - Fill out our Questionaire Below. Step 2 - Send us at least 6 images per event so we can access your design style in advance. Step 3 - Lable the images and let us know what you like for each one.
  • Do we have to finalize all the decor before the contract is signed?
    NO! We believe design and decor is an evolving thing, and are making the assumption that we will have designs and concepts building into your style as time goes on. However we do prefer if your decor is completely finalized at least one month before your big day!
  • Once we book how many more times do we meet?
    Every client is different and have their own needs, some only need to meet once and some need to meet three times. We leave it completely up to you and what you are comfortable with! We try to keep lines of communication open as much as possible via email, text message and DM, except for on weekends as we are usually busy with events or meetings.
  • Do you have any days or times off we should be aware of?
    Yes! Mondays are a day off, also most evenings after 7pm unless we are meeting with you :).
  • Do you take on multiple events per day?
    Yes! We have a lot of managers trained personally by us, who are experts at the event decor business, they are very well trained (all of them with between 5-20 years of experience) and are in touch with us during the entirty of your decor.
  • What is your design style?
    Sachi has a floral, dreamy and etheral design style with a coture sensibilty. Sunita likes color blocking, bright colors, and has a minamalistic decor style. We like to ensure that your decor stays elegant, photofriendly, and everlasting Both of us are passionate and in love with decor and our goal is to take your ideas with a sprinkle of our own to enhance a beautiful decor that is as distinctive as you. As decorators we have evolved over the years and we are conituning to grow a everyday.


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